Her you can buy the finest custom made computers for a very reasonable price. (all equipped with windows 10 ) For delivery, local pickup or custom coloured or named cases go to the delivery tab on this website.

Under $1000

Starter Gaming Pc

A cheap but efficient gaming pc intel i5 GT 1030 128gb storage 8 gb ram


Starter Work Pc

A decent work/office computer intel i5 500gb storage 16gb ram


Ultra Beginner

want to get an edge over your opponents without spending to much rhy gtx 1650 500gb hard drive 16 gb ram


$1000 – $3000

Powerful Gaming Pc

A beast of a computer capable of many things rtx 2060 intel i7 2tb hd 480gb ssd 16 gb ram


The Get S**t Done Pc

A powerful work computer to get stuff done rhyzen 5 gtx 1660 ti 4tb hd 32gb ram


All in one Pc

An all in one Pc to game, work pretty much do whatever on 2.5Tb storage 32gb ram rtx 2070 super rhyzen 7


$3000 +

Ultra Elite Gaming Pc

An elite level gaming Pc intel i9 rtx 2080ti 2tb storage 32gb ram


Gotta get going

The worlds most powerful mini Pc intel i9 gtx 1660 ti 8Tb storage 64gb ram and its only 28 by 26 by 21 cm in size



No Caption needed amd threadripper gtx 1660 ti and rtx 2080ti for streaming benifits 128 gb ram 8 tb hd 1 tb ssd


contact: diverseb2008@gmail.com or 6133700238 for free delivery

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